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    Innovation serves health, high-quality achieves excellence

    Shanghai Kindly Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") was established in 2006. Our company is a listed company on main board of Hong Kong Exchange with KDL Medical as stock name and HK1501 as stock code.
    Our company takes up a leading position in the market of cardiovascular interventional device. We are one of the minority medical device manufacturers in China with the complete industrial chain which consists of several competence including independent mold tooling, product R&D, equipment developing and sterilization. We have obtained ISO13485, CE and FDA certification. We sells our products to the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, South Africa and more than 50 other countries and regions.
    Currently we own 12 subsidiaries, each one focuses on different types of interventional therapies. We adhere to the corporate culture of "Team is the cornerstone of enterprise; Innovation is the engine of development; Execution is key to success", and continuously enhances the ability of independent innovation and develops independent intellectual property products.
    By the end of December 31st ,2020, our company had obtained 35 NMPA certificates, 40 CE certificates, 12 FDA certificates and 127 authorized patents, 135 patents under application and 5 software copyrights. We have received a great number of awards, including National "Specialized, Refined, Special, New Little Giant", Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Shanghai "Specialized, Refined, Special, New" Enterprise, Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise, etc. Our company has received awards from Shanghai Torch Project, Shanghai hi-tech Achievements Transformation Project, Shanghai Science and Technology Support Project, Shanghai Major Technical Reform Project, Shanghai Technological Innovation Fund, Shanghai Science and Technology Talents Program, National Innovation Fund, Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National "Ten Thousand People Program" Technology Entrepreneurship Leading Talents, etc.
    At present, we have employed more than 1000 employees and our major plant is located in Jiading. In the future, our company will adhere to the development vision of "To be a world-renowned interventional and implantable medical device group led by scientific and technological innovation", continue to uphold the development concept of "Innovation serves health, high-quality achieves excellence", and contribute to the development of China's medical device industry and global human health!

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