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    Our Company Won the Land Use Right of No. 1906, Jiading District, Shanghai


    On August 25th, 2020, through the acceptance platform of the Shanghai Municipal State-owned Construction Land Use Right Transfer Online Transaction System, our company won the bid for the Shanghai Jiading District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau to publicly sell the land name as 1906 Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District. The right to use the state-owned construction land for the land No. (Plot Announcement No.: 202016001), and the "Confirmation Letter" was signed, with a transaction amount of RMB 57.99 million. The plot extends to Yuehua River in the east, to the boundary of the plot in the south, to Jinyuan 1st Road in the west, and to the boundary of the plot in the north. The total land area is 15179.6 square meters, and the land is used for scientific research and design.

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