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    Congratulations on the successful foundation of Zhuhai Derui's new factory


    On 18th of June, 2020, KDL Medical’s wholly owned subsidiary Zhuhai Derui hold its new factory foundation ceremony on east side of Damen Rd, north side of Dingwan san Rd, Sanzao town, Jinwan district, Zhuhai City. President & General Manager, Dr. Liang attended the ceremony together with colleagues and other guests.

    (President & General Manager Dr. Liang gave a speech on the ceremony)

    Dr. Liang expressed gratitude to stockholders and colleagues for their accompany and support, he wished closer collaboration within the firm and a brighter future.

    (Lay the foundation)

    (Brightening the eye of Dancing lion)

    Dr. Liang indicated that Zhuhai Derui has great advantage for its locating position since the development of Greater Bay area is highly valued by our government and Zhuhai’s west orientated developing strategy. KDL medical will keep adhering to the current development model as an innovation platform, as well as aiming Zhuhai Derui as the manufacturing base of non-interventional products and thus promote the development of KDL group.

    (Guests and Colleagues)

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